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...offers a super price feature ratio Based on the 13.56 MHz multi-functional and multi-technology RFID module FLEX, the new FLEX App allows the user a direct access to the core LEGIC Advant 4200 chip, giving the user the option to develop his own applications. Because of this feature, extra costs for special hardware development and manufacturing can be avoided. ProxTech releases the...

9112 SINAAI-WAAS Proxtech International

03/722 91 60

tag: identification technology

IDtech - The Automatic Identification Expert IDTECH - Identification Technologies access control,alarm,alarm monitoring,alarms management,antipassback,badge production,belgium,biometrics,biometry,bioscrypt,bus technology,CCTV,contactless,controller,d

5032 Gembloux Idtech

081 55 46 10

tag: identification technology

...Transport Logistics Automotive Postal Courier Technologies Print Apply Voice technology Printing Barcoding Vision Wireless Networking RFID Zetes Euronext Brussels ZTS is an international corporation specialising in the provision of identification and mobility solutions for goods and people. By using the latest technologies, Zetes enables its customers improve the speed an...

1130 BRUSSEL 13 Zetes

02/728 37 11

tag: identification technology

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